What can you expect from an RTT session?

1: discovery call

What can Rapid Transformational Therapy do for you?

At the beginning we have the (free and non-obligatory) discovery call. This is to get to know each other as much as to discover what it is what you want to work on. We often do this by telephone or with Zoom. But if you live in the area, it is also possible for you to come to the practice on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam and we’ll have this call face to face while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. And if you feel the click, if you feel that RTT is the answer for you, we’ll book a session.

2: the RTT session itself

The answer is in your subconscious mind:

During this session, we will first look into your subconscious mind for the exact cause and underlying reason for the issue that bothers you. There are always old and often wrong beliefs that you have gained during your childhood. As soon as that is clear, we will eliminate beliefs with break-through exercises. We will conclude the session with the most important thing: starting good and new beliefs that will help you further in your life to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve (and more!)


3: the following three weeks

Your commitment is key!

While the RTT session is the core of the treatment, it’s effect will grow in strength each time you listen to the recording you got from me after our session. This is super important: you build new patterns through repetitions (that's how you got your old patterns). And you build the new effective positive patterns and beliefs within yourself by listening every evening to the recording we made during the session for a minimum of three weeks. Of course, you can listen to it for a longer period, or, if needed, pick it up after a certain period of time. The recording is yours for ever, when ever.

The “before” and “after”

4: How do you feel now?

We will plan our evaluation session after about 3 weeks. During this session we will take a close look at how you feel about the original issue. It is a fun conversation, where we will look at the old beliefs from an adult point of view. It will be clear then, because you know what truly lies beneath those old beliefs, that those beliefs no longer bother you. At the base of any breakthrough lies the knowledge and awareness of what really is going on. And that is exactly what we have discovered during the RTT session. This day is the first day of the rest of your life!