Merel, Amsterdam

- to get in touch with suppressed emotions

It is remarkable how psychological problems can have a physical weight. After my session yesterday I feel so much lighter! It is like taking off a heavy backpack that I have been carrying around for most of my life. For most of my life I have suppressed my emotions.  Especially the so-called "negative" emotions like sadness were not allowed to surface. Through the session with Els I gained a better understanding of the roots of this problem and was given the tools to deal with this in a healthy way in the future. I experience the recording of Els' words as very pleasant; she has a very soothing voice and every time I listen there is something else that strikes me as remarkable, another dime that drops, another facet... I am greatly looking forward to the coming weeks!

Nina, Amsterdam

- to stop emotional eating habits

What happened during regression was very special. Reviewing the events from my youth, feeling the emotions, and understanding the meaning that I've given to it as a kid was so crystal clear that it immediately had an effect on me. It exceeded my expectations (I had an earlier experience with RTT which was good, but this session was better!). I constantly felt understood and supported. The encouraging and warm reassurances felt really good. Also the deeper digging into my feelings were super effective. I'll be listening the next coming weeks to my recording and fully expect that my problem is solved!

Update after three weeks: It has been three weeks since my hypnotherapy session with Els and the result is only positive. The deep insight into the cause of my emotional eating behaviour has allowed me to nip that exact behaviour in the bud. Listening to the recording supports that by reminding me every day how I established the pattern myself and thus have the power to reverse it myself. I feel strong, proud and free. And a couple of kilo's lighter as the cherry on the cake! Thank you Els, I definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking to break limiting patterns, behaviours or beliefs. 

Anna, London

- to reduce the need of painkillers for back-pain

Els was really great, giving me a wonderful session with regard to back pain. I am so pleased to say that the pain is less and I am able take less medication than before. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Our pre and post discussions were both encouraging and enlightening and, as I listen to the recording, recapping and feeling free from old beliefs, I find that the pain reduces dramatically and I must thank you for this Els as it has such value.

Isabel, Amsterdam

- to stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol has always played a big part in my life: I come from a catering family, and my mother is an alcoholic. I was the fun drinker. But after a dramatic event in my life, alcohol took on a very different role for me. From social drinking to helping me forget everything. Even if I didn't drink alcohol, it was still foremost in my mind. To the AA: do not drink today! But always a relapse after a while. I heard about this therapy and was immediately interested. Especially because it is fast. I am rather skeptical but with the intake form I was already happy: short and to the point. Then the intake interview: intensive and warm (familiar). Then the therapy, the hypnosis worried me beforehand, as it isn't easy for me to give up control. But there I went, immediately. I must say that I stepped into this therapy with the intention: I REALLY WANT THIS! And I wasn't holding myself back. Based on the three scenes that I recalled under hypnosis, I got a clear view of my alcohol abuse and its root cause. The nice thing is that not only do I no longer drink, the need for alcohol has also dissapeared from my system (is the five already in the clock?). Not even when I walk past the wine shelf in the supermarket. I listen every evening to the recording made during the therapy session and it feels very pleasant (soothing). As if my mother reads me a story before bedtime. Els has a very nice voice. You go back more or less into a similar trance as you felt during the session. An additional advantage of this therapy is that I, a true imsomniac since the dramatic event, now sleep every night until half past six!  And that was not even the subject! 

I am recommending Els and RTT therapy to everyone, Els does not judge, and that is already apparent during the intake interview. And that made it possible for me to surrender to the therapy without difficulty.

Annemarie, Haarlem

- to deal better with disagreement

The hypnotherapy treatment by Els was an interesting experience. I had expected that it might be difficult to hypnotize me, that I would not easily give up control. But it was really easy. Under hypnosis I did not feel out of control. I was very concentrated and aware, and close to my feelings from the past. The session made me realize why I have a complex relationship with disagreement. On the one hand I can easily disagree with people, on the other hand, under certain circumstances it makes me feel very unsafe.  The hypnotherapy session made me more aware of how I can handle things differently and that will help me with my work. 

Susan, Amstelveen

-to feel safe to be yourself

I am hesitant about sitting in the chair at Els’ room. I let myself be carried away by means of her directions and I start to feel more and more relaxed. Els gives me the confidence that whatever comes next, that this is okay. Together we look at a few situations from my childhood. Situations that have influenced me in such a way that I have adjusted my patterns. Situations that caused me to make choices that don’t suit me so well anymore. Because of this insight, I can start doing things differently from today. I am very curious what new choices will bring me and how this will affect my life.