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Are you the burned out manager?


Additional complication for a burned out manager:

Burn-outs can happen to anybody who is passionate about their work and who feel a strong loyalty to their team, peers and company. In general, managers are less prone to become burned out, simply because when too busy, there is an opportunity to delegate (to your team). However, it can happen to you too as a manager. And then you have to deal with an additional complication, next to the normal struggle anybody goes through when they are dealing with a burn out. And that is, that you know what it means to sit at the ‘other side of the table’. As passionate and understanding you can be for any of your team members who face a burn out, you also have an immediate problem to solve. And now, when you are burned out, you have created that (all too well known) problem for your boss…

You have amazing coping skills

Even as it feels differently now, the truth is that you have amazing coping skills. You have! What you need is a mechanism to unleash those coping skills that you have inside you. The doors feel closed now, but with a short online program, you can open those doors to your strength,

Find out what lies beneath

This burn-out didn’t fall out of the blue sky. There was a build up in the previous months (or even years) that led to this happening. All the warning signs were there for every body to see.. everybody, but you. Even when the people around you were pointing this out to you, you didn’t think it apply to you. You didn’t think you would end of up here. You were even certain of it. Yet…. here you are. How did I get here? But more importantly, how do I get out? And how do I make sure I’ll never be here again?

Everybody who finds themselves in the thralls of a burnout, is there for a reason. They are facing blockages in their mind, in their lives, that have led to a negative pattern that isn’t helping them. The reason and root cause of these blockages, of these behavioural patterns are in your subconscious mind. And the key to your subconscious mind is through Rapid Transformational Therapy.