Dead-scared of the dentist

confessions of a hypnotherapist..

Dead scared of my dentist ….

Haven’t been to the dentist for 6 years.

I have to admit, I’m dead-scared of the dentist. Until I discovered the magic of a proper painkiller: Oxycodone!  Popping one of those 2 hours before the appointment enabled me to go to the dentist without being dead scared for the pain that I knew that was coming. Because I go through hell when the dentist is scraping away the layers of plaque from my teeth. It hurts so much, it actually stopped me from going to the dentist for 6 years on end.  Since I have this painkiller, I started to regularly go to the dentist again (once a year counts as regularly, right?). And then this happened….

Totally forgotten..

I was minding my own business, happily watching one of my favourite tv programs early in the evening when my phone rang: “Where are you?” was the dentist on the other side of the line. Yikes! I had forgotten my appointment completely. As the dentist is only at the end of my street I answered: I’ll be there in 2 minutes. Brushed my teeth while putting on shoes and coat at the same time, and indeed 2 minutes later I ran into his practice. 

 I suddenly remembered..

Lying in the chair, I suddenly realized what massive mistake I had made: cause I had forgotten the appointment, I had also forgotten to take my painkiller! Oh horror! I was about to jump out of the chair to reschedule for a new appointment (and would happily accept the extra costs) until I realized I had something that was way more powerful then the painkiller I normally use: I know how to hypnotize. 

For my own purpose too

As a certified hypnotherapist (since last year September), I knew how incredibly powerful hypnosis is for my clients to stop the pain they are feeling. And knowing this, I also knew I could provide myself with the same service: I could self- hypnotise me so I wouldn’t feel the pain.

Massive wave of agony… not!

Anybody who has been in my practice knows that I start the hypnosis with going down an imaginative set of stairs. So there I went, down a set of stairs. Deeper and deeper and deeper. And low and behold: with the exception of 2 seconds I went through the whole process without feeling any pain! Only once the pain pierced through the hypnosis, but just for the 2 seconds, and then it disappeared again. You know when your dentist is saying “this is going to hurt a bit” you actually have to brace yourself for a massive wave of agony.  The truth is, that evening he said it twice, and I never felt a thing. 

Cobbler’s kids syndrome

Oh the joy that I feel now is immeasurable. The cobbler’s kids have no shoes: I almost fell into that trap myself. Even when seeing on a daily basis how powerful hypnosis is, I almost forgot to use it for my own benefit. Thanks to the forgotten appointment, I now know better :D

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Elisabeth Bosma