Issues we can solve with RTT

One of the Rules of the Mind is that you will always go back to what is familiar to you, and move away from -or avoid- what is unfamiliar. This explains why you always fall back into old (destructive) patterns. Through RTT therapy we will discover the reason behind that old pattern we will severe the link between reason and pattern. And above all, we will create together a new everlasting pattern that works for you!


Peak Performance

– Work/life balance

– Tapping into your life purpose

– Corporate and business team motivation and success

– Public speaking

– Exam success (children and adults)

– Motivation (end procrastination)

– Goal-setting

– Improving memory


Mental Well-Being

– Confidence & self-esteem

– Anxiety & stress

– Fear & limiting beliefs

– Burn-out

– Compulsive behaviour

– Guilt & shame

– Depression

– Addictions & phobias

– Self-harm

Relationship & Sexual

– Attracting and sustaining love

– Relationship conflict resolution

– Erectile dysfunction

– Conception & IVF success

– Hypnobirthing


– Anorexia & bulimia

– Eating problems & food issues

– Cellular regeneration and healing

– Pain management