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Welcome to Cloud Busting Therapy where we treat underlying problems fast, we help you break your old habits so you can get your life back on track, now.

Do you feel stuck? Have you stopped recognizing yourself? Are you wondering what is happening and why? Then you should know that this is a very familiar feeling for many people, but what’s more, there are simple and fast answers awaiting you.

Many of us have been there; everything in life was going great, your expectations were being fulfilled, and your ambition was growing and growing. You had a feeling that all was as it should be.

But then something changed. Suddenly, it's no longer all falling into place and now you find your energy, your motivation and, most importantly, your confidence is shrinking. 

With RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) you can discover what is holding you back and figure out how to break old patterns. This is the most powerful knowledge, and once it is understood it can be dealt with fast.


What needs conquering?


It could be something very ‘simple’ in life, like public speaking, yet for you, it is enormously difficult. Or it might be something more complex like long-term stress, a deep rooted depression, or lingering childhood trauma. Whatever it is that is holding you back, whether it be a relatively simple or a very complicated, life-destroying behavioural pattern, a simple method like RTT can break through the clouds and help you solve your battles.

We can help you with weight loss, addiction, burn-out or other stress related issues. We can also help you boost your self confidence, overcome loneliness or whatever other issue that is holding you back from the life you desire.

Less than 6 weeks to victory

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RTT is revolutionizing the way therapists are able to help their clients. Through a process of acute focus and response therapy, within as little as 3-6 weeks you can find yourself look back and wondering why your issue kept bothering you for so long. During the first session you will find out what lies beneath the issue and focus on breaking old beliefs/habits to breathe new positive patterns and behaviours in instead. This continues for 3 weeks, by which time you will develop an internal guide making sure that you stay on track to reach your goal. After 3 weeks, we will evaluate how well your new patterns are working and whether additional work, like a second or third session, is even required. Sounds good? It is. Book your discovery call here.

The sky is your limit


Believe in yourself! It sounds so simple, and yes, in theory it works great…but how do you put it into practice? In reality, we all need one person to believe in us and that one person should (and can be) our self. Through RTT, you can and will believe in yourself. This belief will fire up your engine, get your motivation going again and will put you on the road to success. That is what Cloud Busting Therapy is all about; harnessing the power of your subconscious to ignite that motivation inside of you (and keep it ignited!) so you can reach your goals. And you will be amazed to find you want to keep going and keep conquering more goals because only the sky is your limit! Ready to go?
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"RTT helps you bust your clouds away and find your sunshine - fast."

Els Bosma, RTT Therapist, Cloud Busting Therapy


Happy Clients

Goal: To stop emotional eating habits

“What happened during regression was very special. Reviewing the events from my youth, feeling the emotions, and understanding the meaning that I've given to it as a kid was so crystal clear that it immediately had an effect on me. It exceeded my expectations (I had an earlier experience with RTT which was good, but this session was better!). I constantly felt understood and supported. The encouraging and warm reassurances felt really good. Also the deeper digging into my feelings were super effective. I'll be listening the next coming weeks to my recording and fully expect that my problem is solved!” Nina, Amsterdam

Update after three weeks: It has been three weeks since my hypnotherapy session with Els and the result is only positive. The deep insight into the cause of my emotional eating behaviour has allowed me to nip that exact behaviour in the bud. Listening to the recording supports that by reminding me every day how I established the pattern myself and thus have the power to reverse it myself. I feel strong, proud and free. And a couple of kilo's lighter as the cherry on the cake! Thank you Els, I definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking to break limiting patterns, behaviours or beliefs.