Are you that manager who is struggling with burn-out? Believe it or not: This is your chance!


Are you that successful manager that finds herself/himself unexpectedly struggling with a burn-out?

Here’s your chance:

To move ahead! Grow beyond your previous cabilitiy, your previous vision. The world is changing faster now then ever before. And with those changes, your job, your workenvironment, is constantly adapting and changing as well. As are you, by default, as we all do. But what if you move in one direction, and the company is moving in another? And what if that direction is as far away from you core strength as possible? Or worse, far away from your core beliefs? 

What happens then is that you build up stress. Continuous stress. A bit helps us all through rough times with high demands and quick deadlines. But if you can’t unwind between the stress periods, (because you are not at the right place for you) then you’re in trouble.

To get from burn-out:

You end up right where you are right now: burnt-out. All your energy and enthusiasm that got you that thriving career, is gone now. And it feels like it is gone for ever. Right along with your self-esteem and your self-confidence. 

But actually: know that your opportunities from now on are only going to improve. The situation you are going through now will only set you up for further and better succes down the line. There are in everyone certain core beliefs you build up as a child. Most of those core beliefs are setting you up for a successful life. But if any of those core beliefs is in conflict with your (work) environment, you'll feel a constant stress building up in your body as a result. With as final desitnation: burn-out!

To new successes:

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) will help you find out what those core-beliefs are. With RTT you will find out why they are a mis-match with your current situation. And on top of that, you'll be able to turn it around, create a diving-board out of the core-beliefs that work for you! So you’ll be truly set up for your (new) successful career. Cause now, you come prepared!


What to expect?

JPEG-afbeelding 9.jpeg

What happened before..

Right up to that point of actual diagnosis of the burn-out.. you are working your butt off. In fact you think you actually have it all under control, except for one thing. If only you could just do this (delegate a part of the responsibilities) or that (no longer working meeting with that annoying colleague) or ….. Then you would feel great again, you would be far less stressed out, far better rested, sleep far better, would be less nervous. Basically, you would start then to feel yourself again, surely!

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It is always somebody else who has to tell you that you’ve reached the end of your line, that you are at the end of your tether. And that you really really need to see a doctor. But up to that very last moment, you fight this, you deny this, you want to proof all that you are ok, most especially to yourself. Cause this won’t happen to you! Well… sorry to say it, but it did happen to you. Now you are at the other side of the table, And now you also realise, more than anything, what this means to your boss. As you have always realised what it meant to your team, when you send one of your team-members send home with a burn-out.

what will happen now:

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